4 Unexpected Ways Asian Cuisine Overlaps with Others

4 Unexpected Ways Asian Cuisine Overlaps with Others

You’d be delighted to see some of the unexpected ways Asian cuisine can overlap with other styles of cooking from all over the world.

Self-proclaimed foodies fill the Internet with their experiences traveling and eating to their heart’s content. If you can’t resist a freshly made roll of sushi or go mad over an authentic bowl of Vietnamese pho, then you’d be delighted to see some of the unexpected ways Asian cuisine can overlap with other styles of cooking from all over the world.

Korean BBQ Burgers

You’ve often heard that America is the melting pot of the word – nowhere is that saying truer than when it comes to mashups and crossovers of some of your favorite foods, both Eastern and Western. One prime example is the concept of Korean BBQ burgers. Why settle for an average fast food burger when you can knock it out of the park with something from another country where they’re wild about baseball? Instead of a toasted bun, you might come across these burgers served on bread made with garlic-infused rice. And also delicious as these burgers are on their own, don’t leave our your burgers favorite sidekick – the fries. Even if you think you know the limits of what you can put on them (cheese, bacon, scallions, etc.), you haven’t tried kimchi yet.

Sushi Burritos

If you love sushi, you’re probably looking for new ways to indulge in your favorite treat. All the same, the burrito is a kind of sandwich you wouldn’t think would lend itself to fillings that aren’t Mexican. But with the sushi burrito, you can have the best of both worlds! Although the concept first became popular in San Francisco in 2011, more locations all over the country have been picking up on the craze. Look for one near you!

Pad Thai Street Tacos

You might not think of pad thai as an entry into the Tex-Mex category. But if you’re visiting Austin, Texas sometime soon (or you have cousins who went to college there) they might have told you about pad thai street tacos. Tortillas are used in place of rice noodles, but you can look forward to zesty lime twists and crunchy peanuts.

The Banh Mi

Take something familiar, like a French baguette, and stuff it with some traditional Vietnamese fillings, such as thin-sliced beef, bean sprouts, and even daikon radish. Once you do, you’ve got a homemade banh mi. The banh mi is an icon of Asian cuisine that has taken on elements of a different culture and has become popular enough to spread around the world.


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