• Raw Shrimp


    One of the most popular types of seafood in America, shrimp are prepared in every way possible. Grilled, fried, boiled, steamed, or broiled, shrimp can do it all. Shrimp are low in fat but high in protein and a host of healthy nutrients. Shrimp come in a several varieties, including brown shrimp, pink shrimp, tiger shrimp, white shrimp, rock shrimp and freshwater shrimp.

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  • Atlantic Salmon


    Salmon’s thick, meaty consistency make it perfect for grilling. Its rich flavor profile matches well with everything from sweet brown sugar flavors to savory garlic and soy sauces. Loaded with omega-3s and vitamin B, salmon also provides serious amounts of protein – 17 grams in just a 3 ounce serving.

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  • Beltfish


    The buttery, delicate flavor of the cutlass fish truly shines in simple dishes, without the need for heavy sauces or spices. With an abundance of essential amino acids, this eel-like fish helps promote healthy development in children. A versatile fish choice, cutlass fish is great roasted, salted, pan-fried, pickled or baked.

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  • Mackerel Fish


    Mackerel has a distinct flavor profile and a tender texture that melts in your mouth. Brimming with healthy fish oils, mackerel has powerful brain-boosting nutrients that can help with memory and learning. Its potent flavor pairs well with strong sauces and marinades. More so than other fish varieties, mackerel should always be served at its freshest.

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  • korean cooking


    A low-fat, low-calorie fish with a mild taste, cod takes on the flavoring of whatever sauce or dish it is prepared with. This white fish is packed with omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins A, B and D, as well as calcium and iron. Cod has a meaty texture and very few bones.

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